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Bernard Automatic Control Instrument Co., Ltd.
Hebei Bernard Automatic Control Instrument Co., Ltd. (Hebei Jinhongda Electronic Automatic Control Equipment Co., Ltd.) is a professional production base of Elec-Actuator in my country. The company has a mature production and manufacturing process, a professional technical team, modern machinery manufacturing, electrical and electronic manufacturing and other professional equipment, and its products sell well all over the country. The leading products are: DKJSeries, DKZSeries, French Bernard SDSeries, SRSeries electric actuators, DZW multi-turn electric devices, Q-type partial-turn electric devices, complete specifications and varieties, products are widely used in electric power, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, cement, Light industry, pharmaceuticals, mining, transportation, building materials, water treatment and other fields, especially suitable for brake control systems such as pressure, temperature and flow in the production process. In order to promote the development of the domestic actuator industry and quickly catch up, our company introduced the well-known actuator company Bernard Control System from France in 1993, combined with the actual situation in our country, and successfully produced the "Jinding Brand" SDSeries and SRSeries electric actuators. Over the years, the product has been sold well in many projects across the country and has been well received by customers;
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